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When it comes to EHS Wrestling, we definitely have the dedication to serve you. Here, at EHS Wrestling, we make the moves to be sure that we offer you the type of thing that you wish to have. When it comes to the history of wrestling, people have used it to see who was the strongest in the city, the strength of the city, and the limits of humanity. Therefore, it is important to know why wrestling is currently the way it is. Even the Bible speaks of David and Goliath, with David essentially undergoing a duel against someone that was twice his size. Going back to the times of The Odyssey, it is quite important to see the strength of a person by how well they do in a wrestling match. Back in the times of ancient Greece, wrestling held a very public place in the Olympics. People would watch and see grown men fighting each other in a manner similar to art, admiring all the different moves. Think of it like this.

When watching wrestling outside of its inherent amusement, what do you normally see wrestling as? If you were a soldier that had to prepare for hand-to-hand combat, would you see wrestling as an entertainment vehicle, or would it be a skill that will save your life? This is what wrestling  was started off to be. Therefore, when those people ended up training, people may as well pay to watch. During the Medieval Times, wrestling was popular around the world, so that people would be able to stay fit, display their prowess, and show off the strength of the group they were representing. It makes sense. Why not wrestle, impress some ladies, and make your country look great? It is a win for every party involved, especially with women being able to see the potential mates grappling each other as they improved their bodies in ways that were surpassing that of their non-physical rivals.

Let us look at some times in the wrestling universe that actually have important prominence. Egyptians documented wrestling hieroglyphics back thousands of years before Christ was born, and Greek wrestling was adapted into wrestling for the Romans when the Romans conquered the territory of the Greek empire. In the Olympics, wrestling has served as a sport that actually showed the limits of the physical body as well as showing what a country was able to do to its people, had they trained hard enough and had the desire to grow.

Even looking back to the styles of wrestling, it is not hard to imagine that although wrestling may be the typical arm to arm twisting of body parts, there are actually different types of wrestling in the scene. There is the one where the Romans took over the Greeks, creating a fusion type, as mentioned earlier. There is regular freestyle wrestling, similar to that of high school students, and there is Russian wrestling, Japanese wrestling, United Fighting Competition (UFC), Mixed Martial Arts, and other types of wrestling. These were just to name a few. Therefore, when it comes to your wrestling knowledge, be sure to come to EHS Wrestling